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I’ve found a very promising tennis tipping service offering tips on men’s ATP Tour matches and grand slam events. These quality tips are provided by the Win In Tennis Team (WITT).

I joined the service on the June 12th. Of the first 15 tips given, 14 of them won. The odds for these ranged (Betfair prices) up to 4.38. Over the following months the strike rate remained steady between 85-91%.

That’s great you might say, but what about money management? Have they got that vital topic covered?

Sound money management is the backbone of any successful system-either gambling or trading any financial market, and I’m glad to report this is in abundance with the WITT.

Timsters Compounded Staking System (TCSS)

This is a simple and highly effective compounding system to help increase your betting bank. By following the selections and sticking rigidly to TCSS you WILL make money.

Here’s what the WITT have to say: “(Our) aim is a ten-fold increase of your betting bank within 12 months of investing using Timsters expert winning selections and Timsters compounded staking system. A phenomenal 1000% bank growth rate”

But does it work? You may ask. Well I’ve easily doubled my initial betting bank of £5,000 to £11,000 from mid June to early November. And I was being ultracautious.

Next year I am looking to at least quintuple my betting bank using WITT and TCSS.

Privacy Policy

Privacy is very important to the tennis team and they are stringent about it. Any subscriber posting WITT tennis tips on the internet will have their subscription cancelled immediately with no refund.

This is only fair as the WITT team work hard to bring you consistently winning tips for a modest monthly fee.

BOTTOM LINE: The potential of this service is very large indeed. The high strike rate is consistent, the money management sound and the customer service by email is fast and efficient.

Plus for those who work long hours and don’t have much spare time, this could well be perfect for you. While past performance is no guarantee of continued future success, as it has made me some nice profits I am happy to recommend it.

I will certainly be using this service again on a regular basis.

Website: www.winintennis.co.uk